The R2P Injury Management System

The R2P Injury Management System is an innovative, whole-school, cloud-based platform which makes it quick and easy for you to safely manage all of your pupil’s injuries. Helping provide expert medical care to your pupils, reducing your time spent on admin and ensuring your full compliance with the latest regulations and protocols.

It seamlessly integrates with SOCS so your sports staff have complete visibility of injuries when it comes to selecting teams for fixtures or sports sessions.

Ensuring pupils don’t return to sport until they are fit, able and confident to do so.


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The R2P Injury Management System allows you to...


Record Injuries

Whether it’s a small bruise, a broken bone or a concussion, quickly record injury details on our easy-to-use and secure online system. No more paper forms and filing cabinets.


Automate Communication

At every stage of a player’s recovery, automated notifications make sure that everyone from parents to teachers to the pupil’s sports club, know exactly what is going on. 


Access Expert Doctors

Concussed pupils can get timely access to the UK’s most experienced doctors for their required appointments. Convenient and accessible appointments in our innovative telemedicine clinics mean no more waiting times.

Check Injury Statuses

The pupil’s detailed ‘Injury Passport’ means you can keep up to date with your pupil’s recovery and view details of any current or old injuries at the click of a button.

Document Compliance

Easily demonstrate that your organisation is following best practice and providing gold standard levels of care to your pupils.

Get Detailed Analytics

Our expert medical team will use your data from the R2P System to analyse your pupil’s injuries and suggest injury prevention measures.

“Our experience of Return2Play has been excellent. Their technology works, the team is friendly and professional, our parents and staff are very happy with the service provided and, most importantly, their system enhances the safety and welfare of our pupils. I commend it you without hesitation.”

Eugene du Toit, Deputy Head, Trinity School

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Return2Play is the trading name for the Sports Medicine service provided by Meliora Medical Group.

Other services include general medical services for schools and lifestyle medicine services. For more information, please visit the Meliora Medical Group website.