Providing Expert Medical Care
Unrivalled experience in the management of concussions

What do we do?

We are the UK's leading sports medicine provider for schools and clubs, with a range of services available.

Our leading service is our Concussion Care package. This enables schools and clubs to provide gold-standard care for their players by providing them with direct access to some of the UK's leading sports doctors and concussions experts.

By automating communication inside and outside of the school or club, running concussion clinics 7 days a week and integrating with other systems, we provide the school or club with the peace of mind that their players are being well looked after in an easy and admin-light manner.

How can Return2Play help you?

We offer packages specifically designed for Schools, Clubs and Universities.

OK, where do I start?

Whether you are a School, Club or University, we’d love to hear about how we can help you, so please get in touch.

Return2Play is the trading name for the Sports Medicine service provided by Meliora Medical Group.

Other services include general medical services for schools and lifestyle medicine services. For more information, please visit the Meliora Medical Group website.