Covid-19: Impact on Return2Play’s Services

Statement from Dr Sam Barke, Return2Play Medical Director:


“With the ongoing disruption and anxiety of the Covid-19 crisis the management of concussions will be, understandably, low down the priority list.  While “return to sport” may not currently be the end aim, ensuring symptom resolution – and with that improved physical and mental well-being – is as important as ever.  As such, despite these difficult times it remains essential that we ensure those who have already been injured receive the medical care that they need.”


Return2Play is committed to ensuring all of our current patients continue to have access to the expertise of our doctors. To achieve this from Monday 23rd March all clinics will be moved to our telemedicine system (accessible by phone, tablet, computer with webcam without any need for software download).


There may be some disruption to our clinics. Providing frontline NHS services will be the priority for our doctors at this time and for the foreseeable future. We do, of course, fully support this. Doctors being needed elsewhere may well mean planned changed to the normal clinic schedule and last-minute changes to appointment times. To minimise disruption clinics will be listed as being provided by “on-call doctor”.  Patients/parents will be informed of the doctor running the clinic on the day.  We appreciate your understanding with this.


Support services:

The Return2Play office team is now working from home. The phone is being redirected to a member of the team but to ensure your query reaches the right person as quickly as possible it would be best to send an email.

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