How does R2P work?

Return2Play deploys technology to make providing the highest standards of care as easy as possible, for everyone. The innovative R2P system has been developed and enhanced from lessons learnt in real life settings. A desire to ensure all injuries are managed properly is at the heart of every piece of functionality.

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Sign up

An organisation signs up to Return2Play. We’ll set up the system to suit your bespoke needs.


Get Educated

We’ll provide training to show you how easy the system is to use. Our doctors can provide education on injury prevention and management.


Log Injuries

Injuries happen! Logging it on the R2P system means it will be managed properly and everyone who needs to be is kept in the loop.



Make sure everyone knows the treatment plan. For concussions, get access to our specialist doctors when you need them.


Stay Informed

At every stage of a player’s recovery, automated communication makes sure that everyone knows exactly what is going on.


Return to Play

Clear documentation of a player’s recovery allows you to be confident that they have received the highest level of care and are safe to return to sport.


Medical Expertise

The R2P Injury Management System has been specifically designed by doctors who have extensive experience in managing sports injuries and concussions at some of the country’s top schools.

Through the R2P system, concussed players are linked with Return2Play’s doctors. These doctors undertake thousands of  assessments every year – making them some of the most experienced in the management of concussions in children.



Easing Administration

The R2P System helps schools check whether players are fit to play via the system’s live dashboard – accessible by desktop, tablet or mobile.

The system sends automatic communications to anyone you decide needs to know about the pupil’s injury and recovery – teachers, parents, even coaches from sports clubs outside of school. Saving you the time and effort of doing so.

Ensuring Compliance

Each pupil’s injury and recovery is properly documented and easily accessible through their Injury Passport on the R2P System.

If you choose to use our R2P doctors to manage pupil concussions, our system will issue and store certificates confirming when a pupil has been cleared to return to play. Our doctors run convenient clinics every weekday evening via webcam.


Education & Training

Prior to the R2P System launching at the school, we run workshops/inset sessions to ensure staff are up to date with the latest guidance on best practice for pupil injury management.

We empower coaches to make better pitch-side decisions on the recognition, and immediate care of injuries.  Training on how to use the R2P System to record these injuries is also provided.

“Our experience of Return2Play has been excellent. Their technology works, the team is friendly and professional, our parents and staff are very happy with the service provided and, most importantly, their system enhances the safety and welfare of our pupils. I commend it you without hesitation.”

Eugene du Toit, Deputy Head, Trinity School

OK, where do I start?

Whether you are a parent, school teacher, club coach or healthcare professional, we’d love to hear about how we can help you. If you’d like to get involved with Return2Play or learn more about how we can tailor our solutions bespoke to your needs, then please get in touch.