Lucile de Carbonnieres


After graduating from universities in Paris and London, Lucile spent nearly 15 years in the City of London helping French, Belgium and Luxembourg institutions resolve their financial conundrums with structured credit instruments.

She then took a ten year career break to help raise her family. You would think that a long career in the City would be enough to hone your professional skills but it was during this time at home with three very young children that her organisational skills, time management, negotiation, social perceptiveness, active listening and complex problem solving were truly put to the test!

As a mother of young active children who all play for multiple sports clubs, she fully understands the paramount importance of the provision of a gold standard level of care at the grassroots level. Lucile combines her vast professional experience and skillset with a parent’s perspective to help refine and develop all of Return2Play’s operations.

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OK, where do I start?

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