How does Return2Play help care for those with a concussion?

Our services are all designed to ensure that the injured player is guided through their recovery process, provided with gold standard care and ultimately, is not returned to sport before it is safe to do so.

Education Sessions

Increasing knowledge and awareness of concussions and why they need to be managed properly is vitally important to ensuring the wellbeing of a concussed individual.

Return2Play’s doctors can deliver bespoke education packages to your staff, providing certificates to show they have undergone training. We can also arrange for sessions to be delivered to players and parents.

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Immediate Care

Our network of doctors provides match-day medical cover for schools, clubs and for tournaments. All of our doctors have training in pre-hospital care enabling them to deal with serious head injuries and give advice on the management and rehabilitation for concussions.

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The R2P System

The R2P system is an online platform which helps you safely and easily manage concussions and other injuries.

We have taken advances learnt in professional sport and applied them to the grassroots level, ensuring the safety of all players and easing the administrative burden of providing gold standard care for those with concussions.

What is the R2P system?

Access to specialist Doctors

Finding the time to see a doctor around your busy schedule can be tough. For concussive injuries, we link players with specialist doctors at convenient times and accessible locations. Clinics are run in the community at schools and sports clubs, or for extra convenience, we have virtual clinics available over Skype.

Doctors on Tour

We believe that players should have access to the same gold standard level of care whether they are in the UK or abroad on a tour. Our emergency medical advice line, injury management and compliance tools provide staff and parents with the peace of mind and reassurance that if an injury or illness occurs to a player, they are dealt with appropriately.

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OK, where do I start?

Whether you are a parent, school teacher, club coach or healthcare professional, we’d love to hear about how we can help you. If you’d like to get involved with Return2Play or learn more about how we can tailor our solutions bespoke to your needs, then please get in touch.