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We love sport, and we’re passionate about keeping it safe!

Return2Play was founded by rugby-lovers who understand grassroots sport. We also strongly believe that the benefits sport brings are more than just physical, and we believe those benefits far outweigh the risks.

Values like teamwork, enjoyment, respect, discipline and sportsmanship course throughout the sporting community, and this is something we can take huge pride in.

By properly managing concussions, we know that we can significantly reduce the risk of long-term harm caused. While concussion has made headlines in rugby particularly, we believe there is great merit in applying these rigorous standards to all sports where concussion is a risk.

This is why we founded Return2Play, to promote awareness of concussion, lead research on its management, and to make it easy for grassroots organisations to keep sport as safe as possible for everyone.

The Founders

Dr Sam Barke

Medical Director & Co-Founder

The Advisory Board

Elliot Daly

International Rugby Player

Phil Staveley

Company Director

Dan Richards

Director of Rugby Caterham School

Charles Bathurst

Company Director

Déirdre Dracoulis

Child Welfare Expert