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Your first concern is your child’s safety.
Ours is too.

How Return2Play helps you

When it comes to concussion, safety has to come first. Return2Play ensures your child doesn’t return to play until it’s safe, and keeps you informed of what worrying signs you need to look out for.

Professional medical advice

From the moment a concussion is registered, we provide you with regular
medical advice. So you know what worrying signs to look out for.

Real-time monitoring

Return2Play charts your child’s recovery and keeps you updated all the way.
This means monitoring their journey to recovery couldn’t be simpler.

Convenient & professional care

Local evening and weekend clinics run by our sport-friendly doctors mean
your child can get an appointment at a time that suits you.

No paperwork

Return2Play automatically updates everyone on your child’s progress, so you
don’t have to. And because everything is handled digitally, nothing gets lost.