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Schools & Clubs

With Return2Play, it’s easy to manage the recovery of your concussed players. Our system ensures you comply with the new guidelines, and helps you get players back in the game as soon as it is safe to do so.

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If you’ve been removed from play with a suspected concussion, you must follow the new safety guidelines. With Return2Play, you can ensure you don’t miss any more game time than you have to.

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When it comes to concussion, we know your first concern is your child’s safety. Ours is too. Return2Play ensures your child only starts playing again once it’s safe, and provides you with the support and advice you need.

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Through Return2Play, you can run evening and weekend clinics at a time and place of your choosing – making flexible out-of-hours work simple. And you’ll be helping to keep the game we love as safe as possible too.

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