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How it works

Safe and efficient concussion management
in six simple steps


Concussion Logged

As soon as a player’s concussion has been logged via the system, Return2Play sends out a notification to every team they play for. We’ll also issue medical advice on warning signs to look out for, and explain the player’s next steps.

2 Weeks Rest

Two Weeks Rest

The player can now begin their mandatory two-week rest period. We’ll continue to monitor the player’s symptoms and give the appropriate advice if there are any concerns.

Medical Assessment

1st medical assessment (U19s only)

The player can then book an appointment at a local clinic run by
one of our sport-friendly doctors. These are evening and weekend
clinics, so they won’t have to miss any school (hard luck!).

Graduated Return To Play (GRTP)

Graduated Return To Play (GRTP)

During this phase of recovery, we issue advice on how the player
can gradually build up the level of exercise and contact they are
exposed to. Meanwhile, we monitor their symptoms closely to
ensure no signs of concussion have returned.

Medical Assesement

Final Medical Assesement

Before any player can be declared safe to return to full contact play, they must first be assessed by a doctor. To do this, the player can visit one of our local evening or weekend clinics and see one of our sport-friendly doctors.

Return 2 Play

Return 2 Play

If the doctor is satisfied that a full recovery has been made, they will issue a certificate through the system. We’ll then fire it out to everyone who has an interest in the player, so they can get back playing again as quickly as possible.