Return2Play Doctors on the COVID-19 Frontline

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the response of everyone involved in the NHS has been widely regarded as outstanding. 👏

Outpourings of public support for the NHS can be seen everywhere, from rainbows 🌈 and flags in house windows to the weekly #clapforourcarers ritual on Thursday evenings.

We spoke to a number of Return2Play’s doctors who are currently working on the frontline about their experience during COVID-19; what it’s like putting themselves at risk every day, how it has changed their working lives and how it may change the future of our National Health Service.

Name: Dr Juan Rosales
Return2Play Role: Match-Day Doctor
COVID-19 Role: A&E Senior Registrar, London


My regular job is in A&E as a senior registrar and I continue to work in the same role during the COVID-19 crisis. Over the past weeks I have welcomed multiple redeployed colleagues from different specialties who have enriched and reinforced our emergency team. It’s been a unique opportunity to exchange skills and perspectives.

It has been impressive to see how the Health Service can adapt to changes quickly. We had prepared ourselves to cope with a high number of patients but fortunately we have seen fewer cases than expected, both COVID and non-COVID related.

I’m proud of my team because the care of patients has always been at the top of our priorities throughout this pandemic time. Being there in an emergency is what we do best and we will continue to do it in every setting. We thank everyone for their support given to us as healthcare practitioners and for keeping themselves safe and at home.

Name: Dr Tom Axon
Return2Play Role: Match-Day Doctor
COVID-19 Role: Acute Medicine SHO, North Middlesex Hospital


In the Pre-COVID world I was a GP trainee undertaking a placement in Paediatrics. Since the outbreak I have been working on an emergency COVID rota at my local hospital. Even though this period has been emotionally challenging and there have been many difficulties, the collective team spirit within the NHS has been incredible. From unbelievably supportive senior staff, to mentoring newly graduated doctors fast-tracked from medical school, to bonding with new colleagues over donated food in the mess – the positivity shown in these scary unprecedented times has been staggering.

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From everyone at Return2Play, a huge thank you to all of our doctors who are currently working on the frontline! 🙌